Thursday, 9 June 2016

Another odd-ball TV station

While we're on the topic of strange-acting analogue TV carriers, I found another one yesterday during an E-skip opening. So far it's a UTV (unidentified television station) as I could not get any discernible video. It really is odd as the carrier seems to FM-modulate then narrow again. It was on channel 5z. Time of reception : 9:28 p.m. EDT. The signal seemed to peak west. Openings to Nebraska-Kansas, Manitoba and Alabama were active at this time. Target Area: Missouri ?

Spectrum capture and audio version are below :

Audio of video carrier.

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  1. I just found your site and it is fascinating and covers so much! I was astounded to see your tv dx catches.I am 71 and live in Conway, NH in the White Mountains. When I was 6 or 7 I got started in SWLing and have had the chronic radio virus ever since.I used to listen to VOA and Radio Moscow on a simple xtal set I built. Then built a 1 tube regen from a kit and that little 1T4 tube did amazing things! One day on our black and white Capehart TV I saw a test pattern that had an Indian Chief with his headdress on.I knew it was not any of the 3 stations we got from Portland, Maine. As the picture cleared up it had the call letters and Albaqurqe, NM listed. Wish I had a picture of that! Be safe and congrats on your incredible site. 73 de WA1UFO Radio Spacejunk